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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Progress on donations

I know everyone has been on the edge of their seats waiting for an update on the progress of my donations.  A grand total of (insert drum roll here) $0.00 has been collected from generous donors since this sites inception.   Who would have imagined such success in such a short amount of time?  Thank you all for the support!  

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"dislike" us on Facebook

Please feel free to copy this template to Facebook and edit as you see fit (make choices from parenthesis or use your own verbiage.

This guy is asking perfect strangers to chip in to help him buy a new Cadillac Escalade.  What a (jerk/genius)!  If I had a few extra bucks, I’d (give it to him, why not? / hit up a dollar menu./find something else to blow it on!)  I recommend that this guy( just give it up/ hang in there, someone is bound to give donate a lug nut or something eventually).  Check the site out at

Friday, January 3, 2014

Cadillac's latest and greatest!

Cadillac is pushing this bad boy down the assembly line right now.  I think I would have to pack up the kids and take a road trip to Vegas or something.  There is no way I could let it sit around in the driveway.  Heck, the kids love Christmas lights, they'd go nuts for the Vegas Strip.

My first hatemail

I received my first hate mail yesterday and here it is:

“You’re out of your (insert profanity) mind.  Nobody is going to give you jack (insert profanity), dude.  Get a job and EARN the money.  Oh, just so you know, the way you’re soliciting is illegal.”

 Signed “Nobody You Know”
Thank you very much, Nobody.  You sure do get worked up don't you?  I do have a job, but thank you for that inspiring advice.  This is just for fun.  If I was relying on this to pay my bills I would be in tough shape.  I'm pretty sure I would go about it differently as well.  As for the legality, please fill me in.....what exactly is illegal?